THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN TEARS: They Discovered What These 2 LINES on Ronaldo’s Head Mean

Cristiano Ronaldo was criticized for his performance at the start of the European Championship – he played nothing like “the best player in the last 20 years” as he declared himself before the tournament.

He was criticized for acting too much and was branded a bad loser. Of course, many people think that the Real Madrid player is sometimes too arrogant, but he has another face. Whether if it’s people in need or solidarity cases, Ronaldo always helps. The 3-time Ballon D’Or winner showed off his new haircut on the first match of the Euros, and the internet exploded.

According to the Spanish portal Telecinco, Ronaldo made the lines on his head as a sign of solidarity for a sick boy. The Portuguese player paid for the treatment of a boy who was suffering from cancer, and used the scars which the boy got after a surgery as the motive for his new haircut.

You may not like Ronaldo, but you must appreciate what he did for the boy.

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