When You Feel That Everything Is Wrong- Remember These Several Things

Johnny Depp: “Breathe. It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.”

  • You are not the only one. Everyone has had their “worst day ever.”
  • Tomorrow is a new chance, so everything that happened today will be part of the past.
  • Everyone has lost something or someone they love but this makes us stronger.
  • You are still alive.
  • You always deserve better.
  • Time is the cure.
  • Don’t count calories in life, but the good things.
  • Never be ashamed of depression and anxiety.
  • There is always someone who loves you and takes care of you.
  • Never compare yourself to others.
  • 40 years from now, you will not be worried about the cake you have just eaten.
  • Don’t hide negative emotions. Instead, talk with someone.
  • Today might not be your best day, but tomorrow could be.
  • Sometimes, we tend to think too much and feel too little.
  • Laughing prolongs your life. Therefore, laugh whenever you can.
  • The same thing goes for hugging.
  • Chocolate is always here for you.
  • Sadness without a particular reason doesn’t make you crazy.
  • Today is not forever.
  • Bad relationship can be forgotten, time will take care of that.
  • You can always love again.
  • All good things in life are free.
  • Even Beyonce has bad days.
  • Avoid negative people.
  • Never let past mistakes ruin your present.
  • Marthin Luther King said that only in the darkness can you see the stars.
  • Never forget that your life is precious and wonderful.
  • Pain is temporary.
  • You are a miracle.

Source: http://www.healthyfoodteam.com/everything-goes-wrong-remember-things/

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