Colgate Toothpaste Has a Chemical That Causes Cancer

Colgate is one of the most popular toothpaste brands and almost every family uses it to brush their teeth. However, it appears that this toothpaste contains a cancerous chemical and this has been shown in a study. The chemical is known as Triclosan and it’s known to speed up the growth of cancer.

According to the Chemical Research in Toxicology journal, this chemical increases the number of cancerous cells and there have been a lot of other studies that focused on it. It has been found that Triclosan goes under the skin and affects the work of the hormones and the endocrine gland as well.

A study of Environmental Health Perspectives done back in 2008 showed that Triclosan was present in the urine of the participants, more precisely, in 75%, 2,517 of which were elders. When it penetrates the skin, Triclosan goes into the blood and changes the hormones completely. Canada has banned the use of Triclosan, however, this is not the case in the U.S. and Colgate continues adding this harmful chemical to the well-known toothpaste.

Until U.S. bans the use of Triclosan as well, it’s important to stop using this toothpaste brand and opt for other chemical-free toothpastes and even alternative approaches to toothpastes, i.e. making your own toothpaste from natural ingredients.


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