This Husband was Shocked to Hear This From his New Wife. This is Hilarious.

A lawyer was married to a lady who was before married for 10 times. The new wife said the lawyer to go slow on her as it was her first time. The lawyer was confused to hear this from his new wife. He needed to know how is it possible that his new wife that was married for 10 times was not engaging in “love”. She gave him a stunning answer to the question that is additionally so true.

This Husband was Shocked to Hear This From his New Wife. This is Hilarious.

Her first husband was a sales rep. He was telling her how good it was going to be.

Her second husband was working in software services, and he was never sure how it has to function. He told her that he would look into it and would get back to her.

The third husband was from field services. He told that everything was checked out diagnostically, but he could not get the system up.

Her husband number four worked in telemarketing. Despite of the fact he knew he had the order, he did not know when he would be able to deliver.

The fifth husband was an engineer. Even though he knew the basic process, he needed another three years to research, implement and design a new of state- of –the art technique.

Her husband number six was working in finance and administration. He thought that he knew how, but he was not sure if it was his job or not.

The seventh husband was in marketing. Even though he had a nice product, he was not sure how to position it.

Her eighth husband was working as a psychologist. All the things he ever did were talk about it.

The ninth husband was a gynecologist. All that he did was look at it.

Her tenth husband was a stamp collector. Although she misses him, she is now married to the lawyer, and she is really excited.

The lawyer asked her why. She answered that he is a lawyer and now she knows that she is going to be screwed.

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