Life Story: She Was Advised to Abort 4 of 7 Babies- Here Are They Now!

There is not a mother who won’t be touched by this unbelievable story. In fact, many have watched this video with tears streaming down their faces. Stories like this can really touch one’s deepest feelings. After watching it, you will surely feel both joy and anger. Joy because everything turned out well in the end and anger because of the doctors’ recommendations for abortion of the babies. It’s very difficult to imagine what this mother must’ve felt in those moments, since she had to make a crucial decision. This happened back in 1997 when Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey got worldwide media attention when Bobbi decided to give birth to all her seven babies, despite the advice of the doctors. These brave babies were the first survived septuplets. This was an important phenomenon. Moreover, in the last 18 years and so, this couple was appearing on different TVs and some of you may even remember them. These children are surely proud to have their mother! Take a look at this video below where the entire family is in a TV show, one year ago:


What an amazing story, isn’t it?

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