Mix This with Orange Juice to Remove Nicotine from Your Body

If you want to give up smoking, you should know that nicotine leaves the body after 48 to 72 hours. The question which arises is whether there is a way to encourage its removal and reduce the addiction? Yes, there is! Namely, cream of tartar is a by-product of wine making and it successfully aids the elimination of nicotine from the system.

This sediment on the bottom of wine barrels is technically known as potassium hydrogen tartrate and chemists frequently use it in powder form. Besides being great for people who want to put an end to smoking, cream of tartar has 4 other important benefits. Let’s take a look:

  • Great for people who want to stop smoking- if you mix it with some orange juice, you will no longer stand the cigarette taste and smell. The vitamin C in orange juice will ease the elimination of nicotine and restore the lost vitamins. Mix a glass of orange juice and a tsp of cream of tartar and drink it every night for 30 days.
  • Lowers the blood pressure– when the potassium levels in the body are low, the chances of hypertension increase. Cream of tartar is helpful because 100 grams contain 16,500 mg of potassium. Add a tsp of cream of tartar to a glass of fresh water and drink this mixture before going to bed.
  • Alleviates UTI– by changing the pH of the urine, cream of tartar creates an environment which destroys the bacteria causing the infection. Add ½ tsp of cream of tartar to a cup of warm water and few drops of lemon juice. Drink the mixture daily.
  • Reduces arthritis pain- 100 grams of cream of tartar have 2 mg of magnesium, making cream of tartar a great way to reduce ache caused by arthritis. Soak for half an hour in warm bathwater mixed with 3 tbsp of Epsom salt and 2 tbsp of cream of tartar, once or twice per day.
  • Removes acne– since it has potent acidic characteristics, cream of tartar fights off acne successfully. Don’t apply it directly onto the affected area, but drink 8 ounces of water and a tsp of cream of tartar. This will cleanse the whole body and eliminate the bacteria causing the acne.

Take a look at the video below if you want to learn more about this by-product:

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