Everyone Should Know These 25 Etiquette Rules

Etiquettes or good manners are a term for appropriate and polite behavior. Unfortunately, a lot of people consider these manners unrealistic because, usually, it is elitists who practice them.  However, etiquette principles are really simple and every person, regardless of their social status, needs to know them. They include common courtesy, proper speech, clean and neat appearance, and restrained emotions.

  • When you invite someone out, this entails that you will take care of the bill. However, this is the case only if you say “I will take you out on a dinner”. Otherwise, everyone should pay for their food and drinks.
  • Never visit someone at their home without previously calling them. Otherwise, you may find them in their pajamas or bathrobe.
  • Avoid placing your phone or tablet on the table when you are out. In this way you are showing that your phone is more important than the people you are with and they may think that you are bored. A lot of people could be offended if you constantly check your Facebook while they are talking.
  • Never ask a woman on a date if you are planning to make calls and text all the time.
  • Men should never carry a woman’s bag. They could take her coat and leave it in the cloakroom.
  • When you are walking with your friend, relative or someone else, if they greet someone you don’t know, you should also say hello.
  • Sushi mustn’t always be eaten with the help of chopsticks. Men can consume them with their hands.
  • Footwear needs to be clean always.
  • Avoid empty phone conversations. If you feel like hanging out with your friends, go out and meet them.
  • When you are offended by someone, don’t offend them back or talk louder. You are better than them so simply put a smile on your face and leave the place.
  • Men with good manners need to walk on the left hand side of their female companion. The only exception is military men as they salute with their right hand.
  • Drivers need to know that splashing pedestrians with water isn’t pleasant at all.
  • Nine things must be kept secret. These are wealth, age, religion, family quarrels, affairs, medical problems, honor, disgrace, and gifts.
  • In theater, cinema, or a concert hall, move to the seat facing those sitting.
  • Men mustn’t touch women without their previous permission.
  • Never apply too much perfume as people around you can get sick of too much smell.
  • Polite men should always adequately respect all women.
  • Men should smoke in front of women only if they allow them.
  • Whenever you enter some room you need to greet everyone inside.
  • Correspondence is a private matter. Even parents shouldn’t access their children’s letters.
  • Fashion is important, however, it doesn’t mean that you need to wear something ridiculous just because it is considered fashionable.
  • When your apology for something you’ve said or did has been accepted, avoid mentioning the cause of the incident in the future.
  • Avoid laughing or talking loudly.
  • Never stare at other people.

The purpose of good manners is to make the world a better place for everyone. Remember that good manners are not a difficult thing to acquire. What you need is persistence, patience, and time to master these basic rules of behavior.

Source: http://myhealthylifeteam.org/index.php/2016/06/16/25-etiquette-rules-everyone-know/

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