This Popular Ketchup Damages the Liver, Metabolism, Immune and Nervous System, and the Brain

Labeling ingredients in food products is when the manufacturer lists all of the ingredients added to the food, from the highest to the lowest amount of ingredient present in the product. This policy enables the buyer to know what he/she consumes. However, manufacturers use a lot of tricks to either hide or cover some ‘shady’ ingredients.

When it comes to processed foods sold in the supermarkets worldwide, a lot of them are unhealthy, but people are unaware since the label doesn’t show that. One such product is Heinz ketchup. You should definitely avoid it and here’s why:

It contains high fructose corn syrup, however, this isn’t evident on the list of ingredients since the manufacturer decided to list the same ingredient twice,  under different names. High fructose corn syrup is very harmful for the body since it comes from GMO corn. With time, it will increase your blood sugar levels and cause problems with the liver. Also, it may lead to weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and poor immunity.

This ketchup has 4 additional grams of sugar per tbsp and distilled GMO vinegar. All in all, this popular ketchup contains 3 GMO ingredients, sugar, and chemicals. It has no nutrients, fiber, or protein whatsoever. Other harmful ingredients in it are additives, salt, and onion powder. So, the safest option would be to exclude this product from your diet and opt for more natural products like homemade tomato sauce.

Image courtesy of: HEALTHY FOOD HOUSE

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