A Wife Refused to Pull the Plug on Her Spouse-3 Years Later He Woke Up and Said These 2 Things

Just picture this. You have just married the love of your life, and for the next seven months, life couldn’t have gone more according to plan. But then, tragedy strikes. Your significant other is suddenly put on life support as doctors tell you that there isn’t much hope.

It’s a tough story to imagine because its not something that we want to happen everyday. But for Danielle Davis, it’s the sad reality. She received a dreadful phone call on a sunny day in July 2011, where the doctor revealed to her that her true love, Matt, had been involved in a horrific motorcycle accident in Savannah, Georgia.

  1. Appreciate your wife- ‘Guys; take out the trash, as there could be days when you cannot.’ These are Matt Davis’s wise words after he experienced how much his wife Danielle loved him.
  2. His accident- Matt was in a comma after a motorcycle accident. His chances for surviving were very small. And, the doctors advised Danielle to pull the plug so that her husband’s suffering could come to an end. However, Danielle disagreed.
  3. The Journey to recovery-Danielle claims that she believed in God. After 3 months in coma, Matt was transferred to their home where Danielle and his mother took care for Matt 24/7. One day, Danielle heard Matt saying: “I am trying”. After coming out of his coma, they found out that Matt had lost his memory of his 3 last years of life.
  4. Daily progress-Matt has been able to make progress every day since he awoke from a deep sleep and he regularly goes to therapy. According to Danielle, one conversation with her husband can change your life. Hence, he has the heart of a servant and a lot of love for people. What’s more, he never shows anger about his condition. He only hopes to make a difference and give hope to people.

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