Ghost Ship Washes Up On Liberian Coast With Crew Missing!

Stories about mysterious ghost ships were not the case solely during the 17th and 18th century. Hence, abandoned ships around the world shores continue appearing. For example, last week a tanker ship washed ashore in the city of Robertsport, 75 km west of Monrovia, capital of the West African country of Liberia. According to Telegraph, the sudden emergence of the Tamaya 1 cannot be explained, so the nation’s Ministry of Defense included coastguard personnel to conduct further investigations. Additionally, as the report claims, this was an oil tanker that once flew a Nigerian flag. Moreover, some lifeboats are missing from the ship, so it is believed that the crew might have been trying to escape a fire. However, they do not know if there were any fatalities because there were no bodies found aboard or near the ship.

All the documents on the ship have been burnt, but the investigators found a name related to the country of Panama. The website which tracks ships all over the world showed that Tamaya 1 last transmitted its position off the coast on April 22 and there were no signals afterwards. This could mean that either the signal malfunctioned or it was intentionally broke.

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