7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying to Contact You

Angels are spiritual beings who have a different frequency than ours. So, their guidance is in the form of messages, dreams, and direct insight. Sometimes, these signs may appear small and meaningless, however, in time; they may increase in both frequency and size.

Their signs are a reminder of their support and love. You might notice these signs because you need an answer of some important question or a validation for something.

These are the 7 most common angel signs:

Feathers- If you’ve been noticing feathers on the path, this is a reminder that your guardian angel is near you and supporting you. This is a potent angelic sign.

Clouds-if you notice clouds which are shaped as angels, it means that your guardian angel is guiding you.

Scents- if you’ve been feeling a pleasant smell, but you’re unable to identify its source, it may be a sign of angelic presence.

Babies and pets- if you notice that a baby is smiling and looking in the ceiling or gazing in the air, it might mean that there is an angel near.

Music- if you are hearing wonderful sounds, but you’re unable to identify their source, there may be an angel near you.

Coins- if you’re constantly finding coins on the street, it means that your guardian angel is near you and guiding you.

Light sparkles- if you’ve been noticing some unexplained lights, flashes of color, orbs, etc. this is a sign of your guardian angel trying to rejuvenate, uplift, and heal you.

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